Yes, Elijah is flying! As we reach the halfway mark of our Kickstarter kids book project, ‘Motivate Man’, we have raised nearly $3,000! We now have 36 backers from around the world and 200 books going out.

We may also have a funding opportunity which will help us with our future projects, which is very exciting. Once we see how the sales progress on Amazon, we can then calculate what we might need for the next books in our series.

In other promotional activity, Elijah just answered some questions for an Instagram account, which will be published soon. It’s not a big account, but we all have to start somewhere and these collaborations are what helps us to grow. You have to persevere and keep chipping away at it. Then one day you realise you have grown to thousands of followers!

Did you know that we are now on Pinterest? Someone said that Pinterest was popular – so I am trying it out. Please look us up if you are on there.

Next, we just wrote another story for YOOCAN, which you can find on their website:

Finally, we have announced DOUBLE FREE book draw entries for every dollar you pledge, for the next 10 backers only (from backer #37 to #46). That means if you pledge $100 you will get 200 chances to win 25 FREE BOOKS (Motivate Man) for a school or library of your choice! So hurry on over – the link is at the top – click ‘KICKSTARTER’.

Have a great week! Best wishes, Rob

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