October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Did you know that October is the internationally recognised Down Syndrome Awareness Month?

It’s a month which is chosen so that everyone can channel their energy towards social media campaigns and projects to raise awareness of Down syndrome.

So what have Elijah and Crumpet been doing?

Library Collaborations

We are very pleased to be able to announce that we have secured a deal to produce Book Number 3, working in collaboration with Logan City Council Libraries and the First 5 Forever team. The First 5 Forever team are dedicated to promoting reading in the first 5 years of life. Elijah and Crumpet recently filmed a video about using the library, together with Marnie (pictured below) from First 5 Forever. Thomas (Elijah’s big bro, who is going to Film School next year) filmed and produced the video.

It was great fun filming and we are just putting the finishing touches to the video before it’s released.

The book we are creating is still a SECRET, but the storyline is written and Andy Marshall will commence the illustrations, once he has finished Super Scout in the next few weeks.

We have newspaper coverage ready to go and we expect further opportunities to arise from these collaborations.

2021 Childhood Summit

Elijah submitted an application video for the 2021 Childhood Summit which is being held in Logan this month. He was chosen to be a speaker, so we agreed that he would make a video on his chosen subject, seeing as that’s his strongest means of communication. He will be talking about imaginative playground design.

We have been busy practising Elijah’s speech and this weekend we completed the filming (funnily enough, meeting 2 other Elijahs in the playgrounds we visited – one of whom is appearing with his sister in our video!)

Super Scout Update

Elijah and Crumpet also filmed their Super Scout video this weekend (it’s been a busy weekend!), so we are all set to launch several crowdfunding campaigns once this video is edited.

Working with Scouts Queensland is great, but we need to fund the illustration costs, so seeing as we have experience of crowdfunding, we thought we should make the most of it. We gain a broader reach on each platform we list on, so it’s really a case of ‘the more, the merrier’! We will set the target amounts very low to ensure that we can collect whatever we raise.

Andy Marshall is nearing completion of the illustrations, so it’s been a lot faster than the time we took to publish Motivate Man. We have got the foreword ready (by Possum, Elijah’s Priestdale Scout Group Leader) and we are writing a letter to Bear Grylls, Chief Ambassador of World Scouting, asking him to write the foreword to our second Super Scout book (Possum beat him to the first book … sorry, Bear!)

Our fundraising page is all ready on our website, with pre-order copies starting to sell now at $20 for a signed, limited edition copy.

So that’s enough news for October! It’s quite busy, but it’s been fun and we are continuing to sell copies of Motivate Man both through our website and through online channels. Our half price second copy deal is proving to be a popular choice!

Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

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