21 Paintings Around The World

Welcome back! Today’s blog is a very quick one, as I have been away with work and we have a big project underway.

Firstly, welcome to our new visitors and also if you have clicked FOLLOW, make sure you sign up to our New-e-Letter as well. This email is specifically for information about our Kickstarter Crowdfunding book launch on 28th October (link at top of page for more information).

Our original YouTube video for the project

Last night I was returning home from being away with my day job and I remembered the art project that Elijah and Crumpet had started last summer. #NoSmallArtist was created to focus on the ability of people to create art, even as a beginner. For Elijah this was another opportunity to develop and learn a new skill. Being an artist is also socially valued, so in the spirit of SRV (Social Role Valorisation) (we attended a course by Darcy Elks when Elijah was very young) this creates an impact.

One of our projects working with acrylic paint on canvas was ’21 Paintings Around The World’. We started, made some YouTube videos, then it rained, we got busier and the usual winter colds got in the way. Now it is warming up, though, we can get it going again. Plus, my thought was that I would make it a Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign to get backers who already like this kind of thing.

Now that I have learned a lot about Kickstarter, I felt confident giving it a go before we launch our main book campaign. The reason for this is similar to my experience with YouTube – you have to start, even if you don’t know what you are doing. You then learn so much through the process, refine things and you often get a result. That’s the entrepeneurial spirit which get things done … quickly! I know that I will learn things from it which will stand me in good stead for our book launch. Considering the book launch will have media attention (if all goes to plan), it is crucial that I make any mistakes before this.

So last night I re-edited the video and tonight I will sort out the reward levels and write the text, insert some photos and have the campaign ready to go in a record 1 day. Then Kickstarter will take several days to review and we will launch asap. Watch this space! All the best, Rob

An example of Elijah’s #NoSmallArtist artwork

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