Have you been to your local library recently?

Elijah and Crumpet LOVE using their local library – it’s run by Logan City Council and they have lots of great books, DVDS, board games and even ROBOTS to borrow! Here’s a video we made with First 5 Forever* of us visiting our library, filmed and produced by Elijah’s big brother, Thomas:

They also have loads of fun activities to keep you busy during those long holidays! See if you can find our book, Motivate Man!

If you would like to support us by ordering your own copy, please click HERE or you can ask your local library to get the book in for you! For October, which is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we are also crowdfunding our second book, Super Scout. You can get a LIMITED EDITION copy SIGNED by Elijah and Crumpet by clicking HERE!

Check out Elijah reading Motivate Man:

* First 5 Forever is an initiative of the Queensland Government, coordinated by State Library of Queensland and delivered in partnership with local government.

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