There are plenty of ways to collect Book Bananas. You will have received a Book Banana Record Sheet with your joining email so you can keep track of how you are going. Once you collect 20, we will send you a FREE Elijah and Crumpet Book!

How good is that!!!!

You can complete the tasks below to earn a Book Banana, earning a maximum number of Book Bananas as stated (in brackets). The tasks marked with an asterisk (*) are compulsory, then you can choose from the others to complete your sheet.

Joining the Motivate Man Fan Club (1)

Congratulations, you will have already received your first Book Banana with your joining email, so you taken that important first step … only 19 more to collect!

*Write a positive book review (1)

If you tell us by email what you LIKE about the Motivate Man book, we will give you 1 Book Banana and may even post your review to our Fan Club page for everyone to see! You’ll be a famous book reviewer!

*Find us in your local library (1)

Go to your local library and ask them for Elijah and Crumpet Motivate Man (the book number is 9780-6450-464-03). If they haven’t got it, you will have to ask them to order it in for you. But if they DO have it, find it on the shelf and take a photo of the library stamp or barcode! Email the photo to us ( to earn your Book Banana. (If they say they can’t order it, please let us know the Library name to earn your Book Banana.)

*Down Syndrome Challenges (10)

Every month in our Fan Club email we will send you a Down Syndrome Challenge. This may be a question you have to find the answer to, or something you have to search for. It may be a famous person with Down syndrome who you have to research. Send us the answers with your membership number and earn 1 Book Banana. You have to complete all 10 on your sheet!

Draw or Colour Pictures for our Gallery (5)

Get creative and let your inner artist amaze everyone by sending your artwork to us by email. You can earn up to 5 Book Bananas (but you can keep sending your artwork in after that as well)

Get a Friend to Join the Fan Club (1)

Encourage a friend to join the Motivate Man Fan Club and if they give us your membership number when joining, you will earn 1 Book Banana! So make sure you tell all your friends about us!

Join Scouts (1)

If you are a member of Scouts, you will earn an extra Book Banana for being a Scout! Girls and boys can join and it’s a lot of fun, plus you make new friends and learn how to do some amazing things! Motivate Man thinks Scouts are great, so find out where your local Scout Den is now by clicking HERE! Email us the name of the Scout Group you have joined and the name of your Leader to earn 1 Book Banana.

Buy a book on our website (no limit)

When you buy a book from this website (see Order Book) you will earn 1 Book Banana for each book you purchase. There is no limit, so you can quickly buy books to fill up your missing Book Bananas. They make great presents!

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